Spring Sewing Plans

What are your spring sewing plans?

So I’m finally ready to get back into the swing of sewing, which probably has a lot to do with all the snow melting outside! I’ve pulled a few patterns from my pattern stash I’d optimistically like to finish this spring. I say optimistically because I never finish these sewing to do lists, but they do help to keep me on track! 

First thing I’d like to sew is Simplicity 1810. I actually like all these patterns and think they work well together. I’m going to try version B first. It’s got ties that are inset into the darts and seems very wearable! I’m making it in a silky black and white floral. 











Next is Simplicity 1620. The only piece I’m really interested in is the belted jacket. It’s something that if I make in a neutral color I can wear with a lot of my spring stuff! 












Confession, I’ve never actually made a bag before, or many accessories for that matter. But I’m in desperate need of a yoga bag, so this pattern looks like it’ll fit the bill. I have some “vegan” leather I could use for the accents as well. 








I had a lot of fit problems with zinnia last time I sewed it and really want to try and solve them. It has the possibility to really be a good staple piece if I can get it right. 










Chantilly, a pattern I’ve had for a very long time but never attempted. Time to get cracking I suppose. Plus it really screams spring to me. I can see it made up in a really lovely pastel. 











Shorts! I haven’t owned a pair since middle school. But these seem pretty flattering and easy to wear. I’m worried about fitting my butt though to be honest. I have a pretty massive glutes so this should be some interesting fitting. 










More pants! These are either going to be amazing or terrible.










Total icing dress right here. But how cute is this pattern? Wouldn’t it be an amazing base for julia bobbins mad men challenge? So very Betty.











I also need to finish up my sew bossy swap. See terrible with deadlines! 









My brother is having a formal wedding in april, I have nothing to wear and a total lack of budget to speak of. I’m thinking this pattern would be a good choice if I can find enough fabric at a decent price. 





Review: BH Cosmetics 28 Color Smoky Eye Palette

This post contains affiliate links – Disclosure here.

So I’ve been not buying makeup at all recently to save for my Paris trip. I wanted a new eye palette though. I’ve heard good things about B&H in the past so I decided to give it a go at 11.95 on amazon. (that’s just a normal non affiliate link) I purchased the BH Cosmetics 28 Color Smoky Eye Pallette and am pretty impressed for the price. 

Below I put some swatches, without primer. Let’s be real, I’m not wasting enough primer to cover my entire forearm. 

I’m pretty pleased. Some of the shades are a bit powdery, but nothing that can’t be dealt with. I really recommend that you use an eyelid primer. I used my cheap one here, the WNW fergie eyelid primer (Like sixish dollars?). It didn’t make sense to use my urban decay primer with eye shadow this inexpensive. I also thought some of the neutrals were way too similar for inclusion. A true white would have been nice in one of those shades places. Overall  I like the versatility of this palette. It would be something I would be okay travelling with, because if it breaks or I lose it I’m ten bucks down the drain versus 50-100 dollars. It’s a bit big for backpacking, but I might be able to finagle it. Here’s what I did last night with some of the red shades, I hope it doesn’t come across like I’ve got a raging case of pink eye. 

Do you like B&H Cosmetics? Any other frugal palettes you like?

Date Night : Hockey Game & New Sofa

So one of mine and Brian’s New Years goals is to do new things we haven’t done (or not in a long time) at least twice a month. I’m going to blog about a few of them. I know that when your in a long term relationship it can be hard to come up with new things to do on dates. Maybe some of our ideas will inspire my readers to get out there and try new things? I hope so! I’m definitely enjoying them so far.

Our first date of the year was going to see the Cincinnati Cyclones game! It’s not something I’ve done since I moved to the Midwest! Even though the cyclones aren’t part of the NHL it was still a really good game! I can definitely see us doing this again. 

We also stopped by IKEA and got a new addition for the craft room. A Minimalist Futon! I often host a craft night at my house, and thought it would be nice to have somewhere besides the craft table to sit if you doing yarn crafts. Also since crafting and cocktails seem to go hand in hand, the option to turn into a bed didn’t seem like a bad idea either. We dragged it home from the big blue box right before we got hit with an ice storm. Maybe I’m weird, but I don’t think building IKEA furniture is the worst way to pass the time when you’re stuck inside. 

We chose this model because it was one of the few futons that folded up longways instead of hot dog style. The latter kind wouldn’t fit in our small little nook. Also the shape is so simple I want to make some slipcovers for it! It didn’t hurt either that is was one of the less expensive options by far. It fits out needs perfectly and is rather comfortable.