Date Night : Hockey Game & New Sofa

So one of mine and Brian’s New Years goals is to do new things we haven’t done (or not in a long time) at least twice a month. I’m going to blog about a few of them. I know that when your in a long term relationship it can be hard to come up with new things to do on dates. Maybe some of our ideas will inspire my readers to get out there and try new things? I hope so! I’m definitely enjoying them so far.

Our first date of the year was going to see the Cincinnati Cyclones game! It’s not something I’ve done since I moved to the Midwest! Even though the cyclones aren’t part of the NHL it was still a really good game! I can definitely see us doing this again. 

We also stopped by IKEA and got a new addition for the craft room. A Minimalist Futon! I often host a craft night at my house, and thought it would be nice to have somewhere besides the craft table to sit if you doing yarn crafts. Also since crafting and cocktails seem to go hand in hand, the option to turn into a bed didn’t seem like a bad idea either. We dragged it home from the big blue box right before we got hit with an ice storm. Maybe I’m weird, but I don’t think building IKEA furniture is the worst way to pass the time when you’re stuck inside. 

We chose this model because it was one of the few futons that folded up longways instead of hot dog style. The latter kind wouldn’t fit in our small little nook. Also the shape is so simple I want to make some slipcovers for it! It didn’t hurt either that is was one of the less expensive options by far. It fits out needs perfectly and is rather comfortable. 

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