Sewing Dry-spell Over! Or Simplicity 1810

So I’ve actually found a bit of time to sew, with my first wedding of the season all wrapped up (I’m a photographer FYI). I chose something simple, because I have a few daunting projects coming up, mainly a evening gown for my brothers wedding. So I choose simplicity 1810, which was really simple. 

I’ll try and remember not to wear a black bra with those one again ._. This fabric was pretty sheer, maybe I need to make a full slip to be able to wear this in public ha!

Yes, this is quite an optimistic dress weather wise. I’m hoping the midwest won’t get anymore snow or below zero temperatures! I’m a summer girl and this winter has had me down in the dumps. It was in the 50’s today, so maybe there’s hope yet! 

Pattern Description: 

pullover dress in two lengths, tunic or top with shoulder pleat detailing, sleeve variation and tie belt at the waist and pull-on pants. Simplicity sewing pattern.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?:

Very close! I feel like the model has way less ease than what I ended up with. Her skirt seems a bit less full.


Were the instructions easy to follow? 

The only part I actually read was attaching the pleated part to the yoke and setting the ties into the back darts. Those instructions were east enough to follow for someone whose sewn a bit more like I have. But it’s just a simple facing with bias bound armholes, and I could do both of those in my sleep at this point. 

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?:

I liked how to waist ties are sewn into the back dart. It makes for a much cleaner look that just having a fabric tie. I also like that the facings were sewing to the bias binding on the armholes. Helps keep a floppy facing down where it should be.

Fabric Used:

Some old light weight quilting cotton that I got very cheap on ebay. This dress was a wearable muslin to see if I liked the pattern.  I have some really beautiful silky black and white floral fabric in mind since this went well. 

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

I Had to take out about an inch from the side seam armpits. Were talking huge armholes, and stuff that like is normally tight on me. I might try and see what happens when I size down, but it’s not too horrible. 

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

Sure, but definitely keeping in mind how much ease this pattern had in the armpits. But it’s a quick sew and would make for a good summer dress. 


As long as you’re okay with checking the fit, this is an easy pattern that makes a very comfortable dress. The way the fabric waist ties are inset are interesting.

4 thoughts on “Sewing Dry-spell Over! Or Simplicity 1810

  1. So cute! I’m so ready for this winter to be over too! Maybe if we all sew cute summer things the weather will decide to be nice so we can wear them all.

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