Daily Life : The First Few Weeks Of March

First can we talk about how horrible this winter has been in Ohio? Like terrible, snowy, -20 cold. I’m over it. Yesterday was 70 degrees out, and this evening there’s a snow storm. This weather has been keeping me a bit down in the dumps, but I’ve been making small efforts to keep it positive. 

Brian and I have been doing some freezer cooking to make evenings a bit easier on me. I make dinner every night. Sometimes between yoga, my full work day, photo jobs, and trying to fit into some sewing, it’s literally the last thing I want to do. It takes a full day for us to make about two weeks and half worth of food, but in the end is totally worth it. I love seeing how colorful all the food is once it’s prepped. I actually bought a subscription to onceamonthmeals.com. Which has some pretty good menus, and lots of dietary options. We use mainly the paleo menu, and it’s rocked so far. That’s a regular old link btw, I bought the subscription with my own hard earned money 😉

In an effort to get outside Brian’s family’s normal Friday Lent restaurant choice, we tried a new place in Cincinnati called Crave. It wasn’t anything to write home about, even if the Sushi boats were impressive. My main qualms with the place were the overly sweet, huge, cocktails. Everyone at the tables drinks must have been at least 50% simple syrup, ugh. 

The dogs have been covered in mud for practically all of march thus far. Thank god I had the foresight to choose a couch with washable slip covers. I guess I could be one of those people who don’t let their pets on the furniture ( Hi Mom! ), but they’re just too cuddly at this point in their lives to deny them. 

I got new custom wooden USB’s for client photos and proofing! They’re really high quality and such a better way to send digital copies out now that many computers don’t even have a disc drive. Read More about them on my photography portfolio 

I went to Macy’s to pick up some clothing I’ve been wanting for europe, they were having some pretty amazing sales. I ended up being so under budget I found this great bed set for under 50$! It was originally just under 200 and it really brightens up the bedroom. I’m such an old lady the new bedding can totally be the highlight of my day. 

I totally love having short hair with fringe, but it’s not a very wash and wear hair style. Well at least when you’ve got crazy kinky Italian hair. But armed with every hot hair tool I own, and a big old can of cheap hairspray (the cheap stuff always seems to work the best) I manage. 

Finally I know this might not be the most appetizing photo on the planet, but man was it good! Peanut butter banana chocolate chip french toast. Totally horrible for you, but totally worth it. 

Anything interesting going on in your neck of the week readers? Hope your spring is feeling much springier than mine! 


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