Wardrobe Inspiration: Skirts & Tops

It must be spring! Yesterday I was absolutely ruthless with a big old fashioned closet cleanout. I’m down to the bare essentials now. I want to start curating & sewing some classic pieces to really up the ante on my wardrobe situation. Colette has been doing a series on the blog called wardrobe architect. Where it seems half the battle is finding out what you love, and sticking to it. I can be really all over the place style wise and definitely want to get something that’s more me nailed down. I’ve been pinning a lot of clothing that’s inspiring me, so I though I would share! I realized I need way more separates in my wardrobe so we’ll start with some of those! 


Sources: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Three out of five of the skirts I could sew with my Zinnia pattern, if I get the fir right that is. I could definitely draft the circle skirt with suspenders, and would have no problem adding a ruffle to that pencil skirt. These are the silhouettes I keep coming back to, so I should probable do something about it! 



Sources: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

I’m drawn to tunics, drapey singlets, scallops, collars, and cute and colorful prints. I’m actually quite lacking in the blouse department. These are good pieces for me to base some future pattern purchases off of though. I think I need to focus more on separates when rebuilding my wardrobe, they seem to be a total workhorse piece compared to dresses. 

Have you figured out your own style? Any tips on building a good wardrobe? 

One thought on “Wardrobe Inspiration: Skirts & Tops

  1. I’ve been loving the Colette Pattern’s wardrobe architect series! So thought provoking. I really love separates too. I’ve come to really like them more than dresses. I really love the first two skirts you posted. Very cute!

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