Garden Sprouts & My Face

My sister from another mister Meghan and I have started the seeds for our vegetable garden. Yes I know that while it’s snowing it seems really dumb to start your vegetable garden, but believe me when you’re starting from seed you need too! The first sprouts have started popping up and I’m ridiculously excited. I’ll post more about the actual garden once we start working outside, for now here’s a few macro shots of my new little babies. The kale and collards were the first to show their little faces! 

I had a particularly good hair and makeup day over the weekend, so bear with me while I share? I mean it’s my blog after all, so posting pictures of myself without the pictures sole purpose to show something I’ve sewn isn’t way too vain is it? I get weird about selfies, but whatever. In an effort to take photos daily, sometimes your’e the only subject that interesting. 

I’m still holding out for winter to break. We had some serious snow today, but it didn’t stick. I’m just very ready to go get my hands in the dirt and start growing my veggies! Anyone else starting their seeds? 

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