Lazy Sunday

Sunday I should have cleaned the house and worked more on my gown, but instead I decided to go antiquing and get BBQ with my friend Meghan. We also spent the morning planning next years trips. We can’t decide between Iceland/Norway or Japan. Japan is the more expensive trip, so I guess we’ll see how much money we can save in between now and when we need to start booking. 

I didn’t end up buying anything at the antique malls, but there was some cute stuff I was drawn to. 

The title of this book cracked me up, also the fact that it was written by a woman. 

Some very cute, but out of my budget Studdard enamel bowls. The heart ones are to die for, but not 60$ worth to die for. 

A mini french perfume set from the 1950’s! So cute. Perfume goes bad though eventually right? 

Lastly these cute little dollhouses. Is it weird that I’ve been dying to have an excuse to make a little mid century doll house? I don’t have kids, and don’t really want to play with dolls. I feel like it might be creepy if I picked up that hobby currently in my life! Oh well. 

As for the barbecue it was predictability delicious. We went to BBQ review, which was right next to the antique mall. I got the brisket and Meghan got the ribs. We inhaled it far to fast to take any pictures of it, but I did get an instant picture of my with the giant pig statue out front. I’ve been lazy and haven’t scanned it yet though. 

How was your weekend? 

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