Green Tea Smoothie

This post contains affiliate links – Disclosure here. I’ll admit it. For as much as I praise the Chemex and the Aeropress, I’m also the same kind of person who can get down on a Green Tea Frappucino. Working at starbucks in the early 2000’s I promise you I had no choice but to drink literallyContinue reading “Green Tea Smoothie”

Bird’s Nest Cookies

This post contains affiliate links – Disclosure here. In honor of spring and my sweet tooth I made bird’s nest cookies! Not only are they pretty adorable, they’re very easy to make. You don’t even need your stove! These aren’t the healthiest, but as a once a year treat I’m not too concerned.  Ingredients OneContinue reading “Bird’s Nest Cookies”

iPhonography: Ditch The Gym

Now that Spring is here, what a better excuse to ditch the gym and go for a hike? I haven’t posted an iPhonography post in awhile! It’s exactly what it sounds like, photography but with the iPhone versus my usual DSLR. I’m very lucky to have some really great trails relatively close to home. NowContinue reading “iPhonography: Ditch The Gym”

Pinned! : Chicken Power Bowls

I know I can’t be the only one. My Pinterest is packed full of awesome ideas that I think I’ll never actually do. So I’m going to start blogging my attempts at a Pinterest project two to four times a month. I started with this recipe I found on Iowa Girl Eats via Pinterest. It’s aContinue reading “Pinned! : Chicken Power Bowls”

Daily Life

We had a mini vacation this week for my Brother’s wedding.  The wedding and our accommodations were at the Mayhurst Inn. Which was wonderful, and full of history. Mayhurst was built by Colonel John Willis, a great-nephew of President James Madison. The bed and breakfast’s owners Pat and Jack were amazing. If you ever find yourself in OrangeContinue reading “Daily Life”

Project Life 2014 – January

This post contains affiliate links – Disclosure here. So this year for Project Life I’m not doing weekly spreads. I’m just printing off all my photos at the end of the month and grouping a few together to make some spreads. It’s far more enjoyable and less stressful this way. Here’s some of my favoriteContinue reading “Project Life 2014 – January”

St. Vincent @ Bogarts!

I had the pleasure of seeing St. Vincent @ Bogarts in Cincinnati this past week. If you ever  have the chance to see Annie on stage you have to do it. A great show, and dare I say sounded better live than on the album. Unfortunately Bogart’s wouldn’t let me bring in my DSLR (butContinue reading “St. Vincent @ Bogarts!”