A New Look!

So I’d been letting the blog design slide for awhile now, and decided to give it an update! I also have some cool new features!

  • You can now mouse over any image on the site for a “pin it” button. If you are planning on pinning something from a blog post, I please ask that you are on that specific post page. So the link back will take other pinterest users to the right place. IE Click the title of the blog post from the main page and then pin the image. 
  • The mobile site is now easier to browse through.
  • On the sidebar I’ve linked the various ways you can follow the blog, and the other places online you can find me. Do you prefer bloglovin, feedly, or good old fashion RSS? I’ve got them all linked on the side for easy following! You can also check out my etsy where I sell printable scrapbooking supplies (and sometimes vintage). As well as any of my posts of foodgawker or craftgawker! 
  • Social links (Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook) are now located at the bottom of any page. Twitter is also a good way to keep up with the blog as all new post will be linked there!
  • There’s now a button that you can link back to Lux Per Diem on your blog with! On the sidebar you’ll find the button, including all the code needed to just copy and paste everything into your blog. If you’d like to trade buttons just contact me and I’d be more than happy too! 
  • I’m currently working on a project page to link my most popular crafts and recipes. Although it’s not live yet, expect it soon! I hope it makes it easier to find what your looking for. 
  • I’m also working on a new blog schedule. I’ve been a little lax on actually getting blog posts together, even though I’m still doing projects. I feel like a flexible blog post schedule will help with that. 

Do you like the new design? What kind of posts would you as a reader like to see more of?

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