The Entry Way Problems

The dining room is probably the one closet to being done in the whole house. I know that three years in you think we’d have more done, but alas there’s the time and money to consider. The entry way leaves a lot to be desired though. Lets start with how far this room has come. 

This is the photo of the house when I toured it for the first time. Check out that nasty, cat pee soaked carpet. This house was way rough. The front door is to the left of the photo and you come into what is now the dining room. There’s really no entryway or foyer to speak of, we do have a large covered front porch and I’ve was toying with the idea of some covered weather proof storage out there, but that seems a bit dicey security wise. So we threw up an Enudden Towel rack as a key/purse hook and called it a day. 

Still no shoe, mail, or other storage. It’d also be nice to have a mirror. We did paint and rearrange the room a bit though.(Read about painting here). It helped me love the room way more! 

Great color right? The other side of this room is coming together quite nicely. This photo shows you how little real estate were working with. To the left of the key rack is where the china cabinet is (which is also were we hide our router) so there’s not much that can go over there. We do have the opposite corner to consider though. My main squeeze IKEA has some interesting options that might work. 

entryway options

Links 1/2/3/4

As much as I like the Ikea PS corner options, I’m not sure how practical they would be for me. The first one because I don’t like the gray legs, and the second because I’d like to be able to conceal shoes. I think I like the Hemnes the best of all the options. It takes up probably the least amount of space as well. It would leave enough room for a bench, and a mirror above. 

Have any ideas for me? Whats your favorite part about your entryway? 

6 thoughts on “The Entry Way Problems

  1. I love that paint color! Have you considered doing a hack on the first corner option? You could remove the legs completely and DIY different ones. Or you could just paint out the existing grey legs…

    1. I thought about it, maybe painting them gold or copper. I still have yet to see it in person to get a sense of scale, but it’s still a possibility.

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