Mabel : Great Pattern, Maybe Not For Me.

Let me start by saying this pattern is awesome. It’s well drafted, and a perfect beginner knit pattern. I don’t necessarily have the body to pull it off. I have a full tummy and no hips to speak of (don’t let the love handles fool you). I had to slash and spread the stomach area to add more fabric, because it sucked in very tightly under my gut (but fit well everywhere else). I’m not trying to snark on my own body. I just don’t think it’s the most flattering of shapes on me no matter how much I love it on others.

Shirt Source: Loft

Still it was the first time I’ve seriously worked with knits, and good practice! I’m really looking forward to attempting the Moneta, which is more in my shape comfort zone.

I changed the pattern by the slash and spreading method mentioned above and got rid of the kick pleat as it caused the ponte to not lay flat. I’d probably like the pattern more if I made it more of an a-line shape. If you’ve got hips (I’m jealous), or an hourglass figure this would look amazing on you. Fun fact, my grandmother never had any hips either, and she padded them out in the 1940’s to get a better silhouette for that time period. 

It took maybe thirty minutes to sew, not counting cutting, and threading my serger; which may have taken the longest amount of time. Totally an instant gratification type of pattern. 

Anyone else coming to terms with the fact that certain types of clothing don’t work with their figure?


3 thoughts on “Mabel : Great Pattern, Maybe Not For Me.

  1. Well, I think you look smashing! But i know what you mean, because I’m an apple shape myself (wide waist, not a lot going on in the hips). I love my Mabels worn with a slightly longer top or sweater though.

    1. Thanks Sarai! It’s a wonderful pattern that I have been wearing like crazy just with shirts untucked. Somewhere along the line I got excited and forgot that pencil skirts haven’t ever really been the best shape for me, maybe just something I’m not comfortable in more than anything? Either way I consider it a successful first knit garment which is exactly what I needed. I have a feeling Moneta will be a big win once I get it finished! 🙂

  2. Ha, I know exactly what you mean on the full tummy no hips front… You look fab in these pictures, but I did exactly the same things with angles in mine 😉

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