My Bags For Europe

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Bags For Europe

I’ve got an upcoming two week trip to Paris, my first time in Europe. I do travel fairly often on my own continent, and have a few tried and true travel tips I live by. Less is More, If you can strap it on your back you don’t need it, and quality over quantity. I’ve treated myself to three new bags to help keep it simple. 

Gregory Savant 38 ($178.95) – While not completely necessary for this trip in particular, I plan to do a lot of travelling in the next couple years, in places a bit less metropolitan than Paris. I purchased the 38L version because it was just under the carry on baggage limit for our airline, while still being the most comfortable backpack I tried on. I like the idea of a backpack much more than a rolling suitcase. Have you ever tried to roll a suitcase quickly onto public trains during rush hour? I’d much rather have it strapped to my back. While certainly not the cheapest backpack I could have gotten, this bad boy will last me probably near forever. I totally plan on covering this backpack with really tacky tourist patches of all my upcoming adventures, sorry not sorry.

eBags Packing Cubes Small ($22.95) – These packing cubes come highly recommended from almost all travel bloggers. I bought three, but could fit five, maybe six into my backpack stacked. I’m planning on using them to organize my clothing (and maybe one for electronics cords and chargers). If you roll your clothing well, you can fit almost everything you need to into three cubes. I have a post coming up on the actual packing, so keep your eyes peeled for that. They really do help compress clothing and let your pack more into your pack. 

Jototes Siena Leather Camera Bag ($195.00) – This is probably my most favorite recent purchase. It’s a camera bag, that will protect my dslr, instax, ipad, wallet, and phone. It’s made of a really beautiful leather, with padded interior dividers. It also has a comfortable (removable) cross-body strap, which is perfect for travel. I’ve been using it for about a month as my everyday bag. It’s awesome that my cameras can come everywhere with me now, and I don’t regret spending the money on it in the least. I have a full review on that coming later this week though, but it’s definitely a win. I also really like that fact that it doesn’t look like a camera bag, which may help to decrease my chances of being targeted for theft. As of right now this is my personal item for the plane ride. I’m considering getting a larger satchel it could fit in along with a few other things. Any recommendations on a good and large travel satchel? 

Are you a packing nerd? What are your favorite bags for travel? 

2 thoughts on “My Bags For Europe

    1. I think it would be best for you to go to rei and try a mock packing if your bags. Not only should it fit your stuff, but it really needs to be comfortable to wear! I have a 38l pack and it could fit max four to five small cubes.

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