Required Reading

I’ve decided to start sharing stuff I love around the web! I know I’m totally not the first blogger to ever do this. I love it when I find something really interesting, funny, or cute though, and like sharing it even more. 

The Pacific Barreleye Fish! Creepy, yet strangely soothing right? It’s eyes are actually the two upward facing green domes in it’s clear skull. Here’s the wiki page for more. I love all the deep sea creatures, the weirder the better.

This cool travel scarf to stash your valuables in! It’s from SpeakeasySupplyCo on etsy and seems like 1000x more comfortable and easy to access than a money belt. 

This Dress, by Madame Grès, in silk, 1970. That’s some on point draping right there. 

These super cute, and free to download, project life cards! They have a really cool rifle paper company feel. Speaking of rifle paper company, they should really get on the project life band wagon. 

These beautiful journals. 


Do you have any favorites from this week? Share them in the comments! 

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