The Bedrooms of my Past #nojudgement

I read this post on design sponge yesterday all about childhood bedrooms. I thought it’d be fun to share some of my past bedrooms. I had to actually do a decent amount of livejournal digging to find these. Starting with my “childhood” bedroom. My parents are both Navy and divorced, we moved a lot. This is the last bedroom I had where I didn’t pay the rent, from ages 14-18. It’s not as horrible as you would expect! 

I’ve always had pretty much free reign over how my room looks. I got to pick that paint color, that I still would use in my house today. I still like most of the stuff in here, even if it feels a bit juvenile. I still have the bedspread, and art in the black frames! The rest I either “lost” when I left certain roommates, or got destroyed just with good old wear and tear.  

I have more old bedroom photos from more recent places, but let me know if this kind of post is interesting to you!

What did you childhood room look like?

2 thoughts on “The Bedrooms of my Past #nojudgement

  1. You bedroom reminds me a bit of mine when I used to live with my parents. The paint on the walls was light blue, just like to color of the furniture. It was quite small (the smallest room of the flat) but it was packed with books and the desk with the computer was taking some space on one of the corners. I also had some posters and a cork board with papers, old concert tickets, photos, … And there was a guitar behind the door 🙂

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