Sew Caroline Waterfall Tank

I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to be a pattern tester for the upcoming Sew Caroline pattern, the waterfall tank! Full disclaimer I was offered the pattern for free in exchange for feedback to improve and test the pattern before final release. I was not paid to create this garment, and the supply costs came out of my own pocket. I used an older Lisette quilting cotton print, some vintage silk thread, and self made bias tape.

The pattern is simple and pretty versatile. It uses a small amount of fabric that would make it great for stash busting. You could use a different fabric for the ruffle and try to use up your fabric scraps!

The top is very floaty and blousey which makes it an awesome summer staple. I will say though to check the finished garment measurements, you may want to size down if you want something with a bit less volume. I think if I were to sew this again I would definitely size down. It’s not a matter of a pattern issue so much as personal preference. 

I did do a rolled hem on the bottom as opposed to a traditional hem. I have a very long torso and found this to be a bit short on me. Regular torsos should be fine though! Fun fact, the Colette Sorbetto basically looks like a crop top on me without modification.

4 thoughts on “Sew Caroline Waterfall Tank

  1. I wasn’t sure how this would look on curvy ladies but it’s super on you! Yay for easy summer tops!

    1. I’d say the only concern I had was adding extra bulk, but if you check the finished garment sizes you can size down accordingly.

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