iPhonography: Ditch The Gym

Now that Spring is here, what a better excuse to ditch the gym and go for a hike? I haven’t posted an iPhonography post in awhile! It’s exactly what it sounds like, photography but with the iPhone versus my usual DSLR. I’m very lucky to have some really great trails relatively close to home. NowContinue reading “iPhonography: Ditch The Gym”

Daily Life

We had a mini vacation this week for my Brother’s wedding.  The wedding and our accommodations were at the Mayhurst Inn. Which was wonderful, and full of history. Mayhurst was built by Colonel John Willis, a great-nephew of President James Madison. The bed and breakfast’s owners Pat and Jack were amazing. If you ever find yourself in OrangeContinue reading “Daily Life”

St. Vincent @ Bogarts!

I had the pleasure of seeing St. Vincent @ Bogarts in Cincinnati this past week. If you ever  have the chance to see Annie on stage you have to do it. A great show, and dare I say sounded better live than on the album. Unfortunately Bogart’s wouldn’t let me bring in my DSLR (butContinue reading “St. Vincent @ Bogarts!”

Daily Life : The First Few Weeks Of March

First can we talk about how horrible this winter has been in Ohio? Like terrible, snowy, -20 cold. I’m over it. Yesterday was 70 degrees out, and this evening there’s a snow storm. This weather has been keeping me a bit down in the dumps, but I’ve been making small efforts to keep it positive. Continue reading “Daily Life : The First Few Weeks Of March”