Danish Oil on Brasilla

So I know I’ve been a bad blogger, but for good reasons! I’ve been pinching pennies for a trip to europe this year! In fact I’ve even been selling some stuff that doesn’t fit very well in my house anymore. The brasilla commodes are one of those things. They were one of my first purchasesContinue reading “Danish Oil on Brasilla”

Less of a deathtrap.

So I’ve been spending more time in the loft, where my craft room is. I’m also have some people over to craft in it tonight, and figured I should do something about the deathtrap that is the upstairs railing. Take a look.   Yes, that is only one rail on the right side, and yes,Continue reading “Less of a deathtrap.”

You really need to paint the porch.

When I bought my house I was so excited to do all the things I couldn’t do in an apartment. Paint my walls, rips out floors, switch my sinks, and everything else that seems super fun and important when you don’t actually HAVE to do it.  One thing that seemed neither fun nor important wasContinue reading “You really need to paint the porch.”

New Vintage Patterns & Some Organization

I picked up two new 1950’s dress patterns recently! (My hoarding is now cable tv worthy)  To the left we have Simplicity 3944 from 1952.  It’s got an interesting yoke, and an option for saddle stitched pockets! I really love this dress, even if the buttons are much more intimidating since I failed so miserablyContinue reading “New Vintage Patterns & Some Organization”