International Museum Day!

For those of you who don’t know international museum day is this weekend, May 18th! I will luckily be in my hometown of Washington DC for my baby sisters GMU graduation. I’m definitely going to try and squeeze in some time to get to my favorite museums! Digging through some older photos I found someContinue reading “International Museum Day!”

On being content with less.

I mentioned the trip to Paris I’m taking this year in the last post. We’ve had to cut our spending budget down by quite a bit to be able to afford our already frugal trip. I’ve been taking practically any photography job I can get. I’ve also been weeding through our belongings to try andContinue reading “On being content with less.”

An Unexpected Zinnia Redo & Rant

So I was diligently finishing up the Zinnia I told you about, when I decided it would be a great idea to sew through my own finger and bleed all over my almost finished zinnia.    I manged to break the tip off my needle (luckily not getting stuck in my finger). It’s really notContinue reading “An Unexpected Zinnia Redo & Rant”

The Mornings Are Darker

I’ve just about rebounded from my cold! Unfortunately I didn’t get much rest while actually being sick. I’m that person in my office no matter how much I’m hacking. To be quite fair though, there’s normally no more than a few people on my entire floor. I can get away with being sick at workContinue reading “The Mornings Are Darker”