New Patterns, The good and the very bad.

So I thought I’d take a peak at what some of the non-indie pattern companies were offering (Simplicity, Butterick, and McCall’s.) A lot of it is just straight up terrible. But we’ll save my snark for the commentary.  Butterick Butterick 6048 doesn’t look terrible. It’s one of those patterns that’s either going to work, orContinue reading “New Patterns, The good and the very bad.”

The Bedrooms of my Past #nojudgement

I read this post on design sponge yesterday all about childhood bedrooms. I thought it’d be fun to share some of my past bedrooms. I had to actually do a decent amount of livejournal digging to find these. Starting with my “childhood” bedroom. My parents are both Navy and divorced, we moved a lot. ThisContinue reading “The Bedrooms of my Past #nojudgement”

What to do in Cincinnati this weekend!

I highly recommend you guys check out this production by concert nova! I’ve been to a few of their performances and they are highly enjoyable. If I was in the country this weekend I would definitely be there! fi:refriday, june 6th at 8pLocation: Company On Eastern, 4785 Eastern Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45226 Let’s crank upContinue reading “What to do in Cincinnati this weekend!”

Project Life 2014 – January

This post contains affiliate links – Disclosure here. So this year for Project Life I’m not doing weekly spreads. I’m just printing off all my photos at the end of the month and grouping a few together to make some spreads. It’s far more enjoyable and less stressful this way. Here’s some of my favoriteContinue reading “Project Life 2014 – January”

Garden Sprouts & My Face

My sister from another mister Meghan and I have started the seeds for our vegetable garden. Yes I know that while it’s snowing it seems really dumb to start your vegetable garden, but believe me when you’re starting from seed you need too! The first sprouts have started popping up and I’m ridiculously excited. I’llContinue reading “Garden Sprouts & My Face”