An Unexpected Zinnia Redo & Rant

So I was diligently finishing up the Zinnia I told you about, when I decided it would be a great idea to sew through my own finger and bleed all over my almost finished zinnia.    I manged to break the tip off my needle (luckily not getting stuck in my finger). It’s really notContinue reading “An Unexpected Zinnia Redo & Rant”

Hawthorn muslin

This is the muslin for Hawthorn, and it fits really well without any modifications! I’m surprised since I had to do just about every modification ever to the laurel pattern! So I’m gonna go ahead and cut into my mood fabric and just pray my button holes goes smoother than on my muslin! Check outContinue reading “Hawthorn muslin”

The Hawthorne Sew-along!

So much like the rest of the sewing community I’ve purchased Colette Pattern’s newest release, Hawthorn. It’s a beautiful shirt dress, with an option to sew it as a peplum top. It’s got enough buttons to drive even the sanest of sewers crazy using their fincky buttonholer attachments. I plan on making the sleeved version.Continue reading “The Hawthorne Sew-along!”