iPhonography: Ditch The Gym

Now that Spring is here, what a better excuse to ditch the gym and go for a hike? I haven’t posted an iPhonography post in awhile! It’s exactly what it sounds like, photography but with the iPhone versus my usual DSLR. I’m very lucky to have some really great trails relatively close to home. NowContinue reading “iPhonography: Ditch The Gym”

iPPF : San Francisco Botantical Gardens

This was Scheduled to post on Friday  but for some reason didn’t. So enjoy a little late iPhone Photo Friday (iPPF)!  I’m just now slowly weeding through all the photos I took while on vacation in San Francisco. I thought it would be a good idea to break up the bulk of the photos I tookContinue reading “iPPF : San Francisco Botantical Gardens”

IPhone Photos/Life Recently

We’ve been kind of hunkered down recently. Were also trying to save money for upcoming trips this summer, so that’s really limited the “fun money” around these parts. We definitely had a treat yo’ self moment last night! I splurged a bit on some Frightened Rabbits tickets (The Twilight Sad opened for them, and they happen toContinue reading “IPhone Photos/Life Recently”