Tops 101

Tops 101: Sewing the colette sorbetto

In this workshop we’ll be sewing the Colette Sorbetto top. It’s the perfect pattern for beginners and helps you learn all types of valuable techniques. Some of the things you’ll learn in this class are how to find your pattern size, reading patterns, selecting and pretreating your fabric, cutting your pattern, applying bias tape to finish edges, and hemming.


You will need to purchase your own supplies for this class. I recommend also bringing or purchasing your own machine. Learning on the machine you intend to use for future projects will really give you the leg up in creating beautiful garments in the future. There are two price-points for this class. The first price is $50 where you provide all the tools, and the second price point is $125 where I provide tools for you to use during the class.

Tools you will need to bring to this class:

  • Sewing Machine in good working order

  • Fabric Scissors

I will email you a list of supplies you need to bring to the class. You can easily spend under $20 on fabric, bias tape and thread- or much more depending on what you want. I will provide you will a sheet to take to fabric stores so you’re getting exactly the right things. I will also tell you which fabric stores I prefer and how to get the best deal.

Pattern is available in US sizing up to a women’s size 22.

Workshop Location

This is an in person workshop. You must be able to travel to the location for the dates of the workshop.

Pederzani Studios, 6113 Ridge Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45213


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