Spring Summer 2012 Mood Board


















So the first piece of inspiration was the fabric my mother sent me. It’s the polka dot one with the flowers. So I pulled my main colors from that and decided I wanted to ground them with denim once I saw kendi’s very well put together combo with the bell bottoms. I haven’t picked out my patterns yet, but will let you guys know when I do!  

Kitchen Update!

From this

to this

to now! 

You might be thinking to yourself, wait, your painted it white, then yellow again?! Yes, I thought I was going to be all stark and modern when I first moved into this house. Come to find out the midwest winters are stark enough for my tastes. My mother and sister flew in an helped me paint. We painted the kitchen a bright cherry “butter up”. Which if you ask me is completely different then the weird peach that was up on the walls. The accent walls that leads into the kitchen and starts in the front rooms is a great “Biscayne” blue. We pulled the colors from the handmade curtains, made from some simple quilting cotton available at joanns. I’m not quite done yet with the kitchen though! I’d still like to paint the kitchen cabinets white and add new hardware. Even though everyone loves my DIY Chalkboard fridge, I’m still wishing for a smeg fridge in mint. I also am saving up a few dinero for this kitchen cart to keep the mixer and microwave on to free up some counter space. 

My First Quilt Is Completed!

I actually completed this a few days before vacation, but I was too high on Disney World endorphins to remember to take photos, let alone blog it. I’ve actually been using it every night since. It’s a light quilt and awesome for this spring weather we’ve been having. I’d show you the back if it was cool, but it’s plain white 106″ quilting fabric. I’m sure you can use your imagination on that one.  I used pre packaged quilt binding. I won’t like, it was the hardest part. I’m showing you one of the few nice neat areas of the quilt. For a first try though I’m pretty stoked. 

I’m thinking about working on a much more long term quilt. Quilt block a month anyone?