Sew Thursdays : Simplicity 1800 Complete!

If you weren’t aware, this is my summer hat. Because pale girls need more than sun screen!  I debated wether I should throw this on my dress form to save me the awkwardness of modeling it. But since my vintage dress form is very much a size six, and I am very much not, IContinue reading “Sew Thursdays : Simplicity 1800 Complete!”

Treat Tuesday : Thai Iced Tea Cupcakes

  *Adapted from here I love me some delicious orange thai iced tea. So much in fact, that I make it quite regularly at home. When trying to come up with wacky cupcake flavors this one popped into my mind. It’s based off a tried and true vanilla cupcake recipe, but is so much more delicious. It’s very importantContinue reading “Treat Tuesday : Thai Iced Tea Cupcakes”

Mood Board Mondays : Hazel Plans

Spoiler alert guys, I finished sewing simplicity 1800 last weekend (Scheduled to post on Thursday)! In time to wear to a BBQ even! While I bask in the fleeting glow of a completed project, let’s start planning my next one! I’m going to be sewing the Victory Patterns Hazel. I have this great buffalo checkContinue reading “Mood Board Mondays : Hazel Plans”

IPhone Photo Friday : SUMMAH TIME

 Although this weather has made sleeping upstairs near impossible, it’s nice to be able to enjoy nice weather for Findlay Market and lunches at Senate . Even if the market was SLAMMED with people. The city pools are all opened as well, I know where I’ll be Sunday!  Have a great, hopefully not too swelteringContinue reading “IPhone Photo Friday : SUMMAH TIME”

Slobs Anonymous : My Cleaning Kit

This table is pre-cleaning, please excuse my clutter.  This is my cleaning kit. It includes: The Pick Up Basket I keep almost everything in what I call my pick up basket.   It’s a dollar store basket (The dollar store has literally almost everything you would need to clean a house, while most of theContinue reading “Slobs Anonymous : My Cleaning Kit”

Treat Tuesday: Cherry Chocolate Whole Grain Donuts

*Adapted from here I donut know about you guys (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?), but we totally celebrated National Donut Day with some homemade, and way healthier baked donuts! I ate two, Brian ate 3, and Bowie grabbed one off the counter and shamefully enjoyed his with his head under our couch. Bad dog. Donut 2 cupContinue reading “Treat Tuesday: Cherry Chocolate Whole Grain Donuts”

Mood Board Mondays : Space Case

After seeing Promethus and reading about Mars One (Which I’m hoping isn’t some elaborate hoax), I’ve been pretty stoked on space. To be honest, I’m always stoked on space. Even though I was dissapointed that NASA was seemingly being outsourced these past few years, I’m hearing more and more about private companies developments into spaceContinue reading “Mood Board Mondays : Space Case”

Slobs Anonymous: My Cleaning Schedule

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