loft progress II

So I finally got a few things set up in the loft. I got two bedside tables at flea markets, one’s already painted white, and ones not yet. They aren’t the same, but they both have simliar feels, so it’ll be cool.

Also our “desk” is set up. Which is our old dining table, a gate leg table from ikea. So brian can type away for his blog. . Also, to temporary hold all the dvd’s that used to be our nightstands. Eventually I’ll have my laptop sitting there, so we can blog IN TANDEM. In this lighting you can see how the walls aren’t very white, way more than the previous set. I need to put a second coat in the kitchen though before I worry about anything else paint related. Somehow I’ve managed to put it off for like a month.

No outlets on the side of the room where our bed works, something we’ll have to do soon. Mega tripping hazard when you’re as clumsy as I am.

Yah, I know that pillow doesn’t match, pillowcase will be replaced soon, don’t worry! Also note the dog, on my bed, even though his bed is like two feet away.

What a cutie.


ladycave part two!

So The lady cave has some ridiculously bad retro wood panelling, some serious dust, and a mass of my stuff! There are also a lot of things left by the previous owner, wood, weird crappy furniture, yada yada. Anyway I get going with some photos.

view from the backside side of the house

View from the front side of the house.

The utility side of the basement, ie laundry, storage, and the likes.

The beginnings of a dark room space!

My sewing space, as soon as I get everything unpacked. Brian already monopolizing my comfy chair, I have another one to build, in case someone wants to come hangout and sew with me. I have a feeling it’ll just be more of a bowie lurking on me chair, but whatever.

List of things to do for the lady cave, long term & short term.

•paint everything white, floors, walls, beams.

•Make light blocking curtains for the darkroom section.

•Build shelves all along wall in sewing area for storage.

•Buy Damprid to clear up some musty smells.

•Find a place for everything

Ikea trip this weekend to pick up some stuff for the guest bedroom! We’re having our first official guest next week, My sister Tori-Jane! Then followed by my dad and his girlfriend, and then my mom and stepfather. It’s going to be crazy, so I want to have the guest room up to par so it’s one less thing to worry about.

Lady Cave

So I’ve decided to turn DOOMbasement into Lady Cave. As many of you know, I am the queen of hobbies. I recently purchased everything I need for my own darkroom. I’m also a sewer, so to save Brian from the tangeled mess of thread that is, also going in the lady cave. I’ve been ~trying~ to work out, so maybe one day I’ll have a nice piece of exersize equiptment to get jiggy with. A Mini bar and place to sit wouldn’t hurt either.Photos of my scary scary basment to come!

Sunburn and mulch

So your last look at the front yard was this:

Around fourty dollars, and five hours later it’s looking quite a deal better!


I know it’s not quite a TLC curb appeal makeover, but it’s throughly satisfying to have something besides weeds, ivy, and dead holly trees hanging about. The driveway is also completely clear of the dead holly tree from hell. 

We edged, de-ivyed, mowed, weed wacked, weed blocked, mulched, and planted! 

I will never ever plant Ivy on my own accord. This stuff is a total nightmare to remove, roots upon roots upon roots. I’ll see them years from now in my nightmares! 

Nathan and Anna Penny totally pulled all the stops and helped out all day! Between Nathan’s know how and Anna and I’s powers combined, we got so much done! And all but one of us (ahem super amazing tanning abilities, Anna) got sunburned. I got it pretty damn bad myself. 

I picked up some chairs today from too! I have officially dubbed them my don draper chairs, because yes I do believe that they’re pretty sexy. 


Things have been coming along quite nicely! 

VCT Tiles

So the current state of my floors leaves a few things to be desired.

1) I like the marmoleum, I really do. It’s eco friendly and not crazy bad on the eyes. BUT the poly used over it has yellowed and where the previous owner kept a rug there’s an obvious color difference.

2)Between the hallway, the kitchen, and the bathroom the floors are all vastly different. I’m not against variety, but seeing as it’s only about 200 feet of space combined, and they all but up against each other something has to be done!

3)Changing the floor in the bathroom will make it feel less horrible, and will totally change the look.

4) I want dark, smooth, and dare I say sexy floors.

That’s were VCT comes in. I had originally wanted to do black penny tile all throughout the back of the house. Once I priced that out though I realized that wasn’t going to happen. Just for the kitchen it ended up being 900 for only the tiles. With VCT tiles I can do the entire back of the house for I’m guessing around 300. My dad will be coming up from the sunshine state to help me in the process.

VCT, or vinyl composite tiles, are the stuff of some people’s nightmares. See;

Which while stays true to the vintage aspects, is a little to kitsch for my tastes. I’m thinking of VCT more along the lines of eichler houses.

So stayed tuned, I’m shooting to put them in around mid july!

Moodboard Monday kitchen mood board kitchen mood board


Paigey P


ikea MINUT

$30 –

ikea ELLY

$3.49 –

GE CleanDesign 30 in. Self-Cleaning Freestanding Electric Range in…

$529 –

So I’ve decided on black! If I don’t like them I can always repaint! New downlight, floors and a DIY chevron curtain. I’m really considering going with the VCT classic black, not only is it true Midmod, but it’s hella cheap!


We are officially moved out of the apartment as of this past weekend. So this entire week has left our dining room look like this.

Left over stuff that we don’t “need”. Yard sale soon maybe? Things I’d like to get done today

Put away or get rid of all clothes, everything needs to be in it’s own spot. 

Move bar into my amazing new china cabinet, more on that later! 

Find a spot, maybe hang a shelf for all my “Girl crap” as Brian calls it, in the bathroom. IE bobby pins hair products makeup brushes ect.

Paint new nightstands for bed, pictures to come. 

Give bowie a bath, because he’s the only dog I know with BO. 

Finish laundry

MOP floors

Clean Rugs

Pick and freeze mulberries.

Sweep Deck

Work on sanding porch