Paleo Buns

I honestly don’t miss bread. Don’t tell my family though, I’m pretty sure it’s a sin if you’re Italian. Sometimes you just want a burger that’s not wrapped in lettuce. I played around with a few recipes until I found something that was pretty awesome and delicious. Fair warning, I don’t know if I would consider these “healthier” than the regular wheat bun. They’re pretty high in fat (but that’s pretty whatever when you’re not eating any carbs), but they are an awesome Grain Free option. I also somehow picked up the nickname Paleo Buns in the process of making these, thanks brian. 

You’ll Need


16 ounce Ramekin 


-Baking Sheet

-Cooling Rack

-2 heaping Tbs. Bacon Fat, melted (saved from the mass amounts of bacon you make during the week)

– 4 Eggs

-4 Tbs. Coconut Flour

-A few dashes of salt

-2 tsp. fresh spices

(I used this) 



-Set oven to 350

-Mix all ingredients together until completely combined

-Grease ramekin and put half of batter in. Should fill ramekin about halfway to leave room to expand.  If you’re using smaller ramekins, just fill halfway. 

-Microwave for three minutes on full power (this might be different for your microwave).

-Flip out onto cooling rack. You might have to run a knife around the sides to get it to release. 

-Repeat for remaining batter.

-Once all the buns are nuked, using a serrated bread knife, cut the buns in half. It’s easiest to go slow and have your hand placed on top of the bun to steady everything. Return them to the cooling rack. 

-Put the cooling rack on your baking sheet and baked the cut buns for about 10-15 minutes until they’re just toasted. 

-Take the buns out of the oven and let cool completely. 

Makes 2 Buns using the 16 ounce ramekins


The Bathroom Update

Last time I talked about the bathroom, I had done literally nothing. That was over a year ago, and I’m still no where near done. I have made a few improvements though! Just to refresh your memories, here’s what I started with.

Yuck dude.

Check out this post if you wanted to know the plan I had back then. 

I removed all the crazy mismatched hardware on the walls. Painted, a lot. Got rid of the grody swan curtain (the windows are privacy frosted) and added some new shelving and art! 

Overall I’m pretty content with the current state. I’d like to change out the sink and light once my sweet tax return comes in. I’m a big nervous about the sink, since I’ve never even dabbled in plumbing. Something tells me I can handle it though. 


Frames, shelves, toilet paper holder, and towel hooks – IKEA

Shower Curtain – Target

Paleo Blueberry Sorbet

Here in my home, were ice cream people. It was probably one of the harder things to give up, that being store brought ice cream. I can’t even tell you how many dates Brian and I have had that ended with a milkshake. I actually received an ice cream maker for Christmas well before we knew we were going to stick with this paleo diet. I’ve actually gotten a ton of use out of it just creating paleo desserts as well. For the occasional treat this is one of my favorites! 


– 1 cup full fat coconut milk

–  3 Tbsp. lemon juice

–  1 1/2 cups of water

–  1/2 cup of pure maple syrup

–  1 pint blueberries



-Throw everything in the blender and give it a whirl until it’s combined. You’ll still have flecks of the blueberry skin throughout. 

– Pop into ice cream maker until an ice cream/ sorbet consistency is reached. I have the kitchen aid ice cream attachment and I love it! 

Coconut Encrusted Flounder

I’m sharing my first Paleo recipe today, how exciting! While I’m sure I’m not the first person to make coconut encrusted fish, I didn’t reference any recipe. This is 100% me just trying to use up what we had in the house before our big shopping day.

For those of you who don’t know what Paleo is, here’s a great infographic! 

You’ll need:

4 Flounder Fillets

Coconut Oil

Equal parts

Coconut Flour


Unsweetened Shredded Coconut 

1 Cage Free Organic Egg, whisked

tsp. Ground ginger

Tb red pepper flakes

Salt & Pepper

Dark Star Sriracha 

•Set oven to 435

• Take flouder fillets and pat dry using a paper towel

• Mix flour, coconut, ginger, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper in shallow dish or pie pan

•Whisk egg and put in separate pie dish

•Take flounder fillets and coat in egg, then dredging them in the flour mixture until thoroughly coated.

• Using the coconut oil grease a glass pan (9×12) and place dredged flounder fillets into it

• Cook for about 20 minutes or until golden brown

•Serve with drizzle of sriracha, greens, and sweet potato fries

Week In Review

Had a bit of a quiet week this week, although it was much needed. I did go out Friday night and danced, I’m only just recovering. We’ve had a bit of a warm, but wet, spell here in the Midwest. While it’s a nice break from winter it’s made with a horridly muddy house thanks to certain pup. 

I did work a lot on the shame that is the downstairs closet, but am not quite done. So Far I’ve managed to fit both brian and mine’s pared down wardrobe in, including shoes! I need to install some shelves to take advantage of how tall the closet is. I’d like to be able to fit all my off season/spare bedding in there. But all in due time. 

Did you get something checked off to-do lists this week? 

Weekend To-Do

  1. Weed through clothing and take to consign/donate
  2. Clean and organize bedroom closet
  3. Patch bedroom closet walls for painting
  4. Corral all paperwork for organizing
  5. Clear pantry on things that aren’t Paleo friendly 
  6. Sweep/Mop
  7. Pick up yard debris in front yard
  8. Sweep Deck
  9. Take kids to the vet
  10. Clean out car

I know, I lead one exciting life. :/

I did get a pretty awesome hair cut though! 

Packing Up Christmas

One of my favorite times of year is officially over. It’s time to say so long to all my fun holiday decorations. 

In a bid to be proactive on the organizational hell that is my basement, I decided to pack Christmas up right. Not to mention the fact I dealt with a lot of broken ornaments when I unpacked them this year. So I need something that keeps things safe and organized. 

Of course I turned to my main girl Martha. She had a pretty easy/cheap diy for packing up all your holiday delicate.

She has instructions here on how to do this nifty little trick. 

I mean she’s Martha, so her’s are going to look 1000x better than mine, but it ended up working very well.


Since we eat like four dozen eggs a week on paleo, egg cartons were in no short supply. Not the prettiest, but seriously functional. Who knows, maybe I’ll get weird and paint them white or something next year. 


Look how perfectly these babies fit in here. 


I traced the bottom of the box on black cardstock. I wanted white, but all three stores I went to were out, maybe everyone had the same idea? It really doesn’t matter though, you’ll only see it for a few seconds every year so who cares. I hot glued the cups down using my 2$ glue gun from joanns. Worth all 200 pennies I spent on it honestly. 


Repeat and stack! I was able to fit two layers deep, plus some space on top for garlands and wreaths, no smooshing required. 

For the tree I picked up a 10 dollar bag from the container store. 

Don’t let the picture online fool you, you could practically fit four dead bodies,


, in this bad boy. In fact, if your tree is under five feet, you can just stick the whole thing in there no problem. 

I’m glad to have everything packed up neatly now! 

How do you store holiday decorations?