Life Recently

Even though I’m still saving my pennies for Paris, I tried two new restaurants in Cincinnati this past week, and drove home to DC for my baby sister’s college graduation. 

First up the Eagle! Seriously amazing fried chicken. They serve it with a spicy honey sauce that is to die for. Granted there’s probably three days worth of calories in an entire meal, but so worth it.

While we were driving to DC we encountered some pretty heavy rain. Let this be a PSA for making sure your windshield wipers work before you leave town. We had to stop at an auto-zone to get new ones in middle of nowhere West Virginia. 

As per tradition, whenever we get together with my mom we go to cheesecake factory and get some cheesecake. Never a bad idea. 

For Brian’s Birthday Breakfast we went to a new delicious place that has opened up behind my office called Cheapside Cafe. The coldbrew coffee is AH-MAZ-ING.

How has your week been?


Required Reading

I’ve decided to start sharing stuff I love around the web! I know I’m totally not the first blogger to ever do this. I love it when I find something really interesting, funny, or cute though, and like sharing it even more. 

The Pacific Barreleye Fish! Creepy, yet strangely soothing right? It’s eyes are actually the two upward facing green domes in it’s clear skull. Here’s the wiki page for more. I love all the deep sea creatures, the weirder the better.

This cool travel scarf to stash your valuables in! It’s from SpeakeasySupplyCo on etsy and seems like 1000x more comfortable and easy to access than a money belt. 

This Dress, by Madame Grès, in silk, 1970. That’s some on point draping right there. 

These super cute, and free to download, project life cards! They have a really cool rifle paper company feel. Speaking of rifle paper company, they should really get on the project life band wagon. 

These beautiful journals. 


Do you have any favorites from this week? Share them in the comments! 

My Travel Makeup

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So I thought I’d show you what I bring when I travel makeup wise. I’ve got everything I need for most occasions, but I’ve stripped out most of the unnecessary fluff. For me, this is really quite minimalist. Click the product image for sources.

I like to have both a pressed powder and a liquid foundation. You never know when the local water is going to cause your skin to go a little crazy. I like the NYX stay matte but not flat liquid foundation which I can also use as a concealer for my under-eyes when I’m not doing a full face of it. Most days though, barring a huge breakout, I use the powder foundation from Revlon Nearly Naked. I always wear sun screen (Even when I’m not traveling) because I’m so fair. SPF 70 might not be needed, but I like to be on the safe side. The urban decay primer potion only gets used when I wear eye-shadow. This is more of an going out to dinner than visiting tourist attractions essential. 

On to the eyes! I love the L’Oreal kajal eyeliner. You can get either a really sharp line, or a something much chunkier and smokier. I usually use a liquid eyeliner, but since I don’t check baggage I need to keep my liquids down for the flight. For my mascara I use CK One’s Voluminous Mascara. You can twist the top of the wand based on white kind of coverage you want. The brush will retract and lengthen. I don’t pack an eyelash curler. I curl my lashes using the side of my brush, much like this blogger does with a q-tip. The most important thing in my makeup kit is my Naked 2 Palette from urban decay. It’s got a huge selection of eye shadows to create looks from, and a good brush to boot. I can also use it to fill my brows, highlight my face, and in a pinch to contour. It saves space by being a palette and is easy to find in my bag. It has a rather large mirror too which means I don’t need to pack a separate compact. 

Besides the brush in my Naked 2 Palette, which I use for eyes and brows, I have two face brushes. The first one is the Real Techniques setting brush. I use this brush for contouring, applying powder, and sweeping away fallout. If I was bringing blush I could use it for that as well. The second brush is the stippling brush which I use to apply the liquid foundation. You get a much cleaning finish than just using your fingers because you can buff and blend better. 

The lips! Don’t forget your chap-stick! Travelling and flying can be really drying, and there’s no point in bringing lipstick to put over chapped lips. Even better is to bring a chap-stick with SPF, because burned lips can very easily ruin a vacation. I give myself two options for lip color, a bright red for dressing up, and a lip butter for wearing during the day. The reason I don’t bring blush is because I can use these like a liquid blush. Putting a few very tiny dots on my cheeks and then blending like crazy. No need to spend a bunch of money on the two and one cheek and lip stains, lipstick is already two in one! 

Finally, to take it all off, get face cleansing wipes. Not only are they handy because you can wash your face/take off your makeup anywhere, they’re not considered a liquid by the TSA!  So go ahead and bring as many as you want! 

Whats are your beauty travel essentials?

International Museum Day!

For those of you who don’t know international museum day is this weekend, May 18th! I will luckily be in my hometown of Washington DC for my baby sisters GMU graduation. I’m definitely going to try and squeeze in some time to get to my favorite museums! Digging through some older photos I found some great snaps from the Udvar -Hazy (way better than the one in the city) and the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. 

So get out to a museum this weekend wherever you are! Support Historians! 

What’s your favorite museum? 

Project Life : Holtmans

This post contains affiliate links – Disclosure here.

So I’m trying something new with how I present my project life layouts. I’m scanning each piece and arranging them again digitally. It saves me fighting with the glare of photographing a page protector, and I think is a more accurate representation of the layout. Which do you prefer? 


Becky Higgins Photo Pocket Pages – Design A
/Project Life Core Kit – Midnight Edition/
Project Life Core Kit – 5th & Frolic Edition /
Project Life Maggie Holmes – Flea Market – Mini Kit
/Captured Die-cut Cards and Envelopes/K&CompanySmash Scrapbook Metal Clips, Cutesy
/me & my BIG ideas Pocket Pages, Love Stickers
Project Life Journaling Pen Set 3 Pack-Black
/Foil Alphabet Stickers – Target Dollar Spot

Some of these photos you saw in a previous daily life post, which to be quite honest is where most of my day to day scrapbook photos come from. I used a combination of core kits, I can never commit fully to just one style. I should probably print out my journalling onto the cards, I don’t have the most neat hand writing of all time. Oh well, it’s very “me” to say the least. 

Have you been keeping up on your scrapbooking? I’m so behind! 

Daily Life

We haven’t done anything too crazy this week, but it’s been a nice departure from how busy we’ve been the past few months. I am enjoying the shift in the weather more than anything. 

One of my new favorite lunch time spots, French Crust. I got a sweet potato soup and a salmon and croissant sandwhich. Seriously to die for. That’s without even getting me started on the desserts. Look at that adorable chocolate mousse! 

Everyone’s in a spring cleaning mood! This job though, I don’t envy. 

There’s a very unassuming chain gas station by my house. You’d never know from the outside, but it actually carries hundreds of craft beers. Seriously a beer lovers heaven. I like to just kind of pick a beer at random, and this is what we ended up with for the weekend. It was a bit too sweet for me, but good nonetheless. 

Fried Green Tomatoes! 

Kitten, our CH Cat, has been soaking up all the sunshine and glorious weather. He’s usually in his favorite spot, the craft room window. It can get pretty warm on the second floor, old house and all, but Kitten can’t get enough. 

How’s your week going so far? 

Colette Moneta; Swingy and Perfect

So I finished Moneta! I ended up having to take the waist up, not for any fitting issues, but because my knit fabric (sew classics jet set knit from joann’s) ending up getting a huge run in the bodice at the waist. I prefer a lower waistband, but didn’t feel like scrapping the whole project. So it ended up a bit more “baby doll” than I intended. As soon as I can get to the fabric store though, I intend on making another one! It’s seriously the perfect dress. Easy to dress up or down, flattering, and mega comfortable! 

Not too shabby right? Despite this fabric getting runs like crazy, I like the drape and hand feel a lot. The back has  a slightly deeper neckline, which I like, but am thinking about making it an even deeper U shape. 

Have you tried sewing up the Moneta? What’s your perfect dress?