On The Sewing Table: Butterick 5987

So my brother is getting married next month, and the dress is black tie. I don’t own anything near that level of formal, nor do I have the money to spend right now on something that nice. Thanks to saving for Paris that is. So I decided to try and tackle sewing formal wear. Here’sContinue reading “On The Sewing Table: Butterick 5987”

Garden Sprouts & My Face

My sister from another mister Meghan and I have started the seeds for our vegetable garden. Yes I know that while it’s snowing it seems really dumb to start your vegetable garden, but believe me when you’re starting from seed you need too! The first sprouts have started popping up and I’m ridiculously excited. I’llContinue reading “Garden Sprouts & My Face”

Wardrobe Inspiration: Skirts & Tops

It must be spring! Yesterday I was absolutely ruthless with a big old fashioned closet cleanout. I’m down to the bare essentials now. I want to start curating & sewing some classic pieces to really up the ante on my wardrobe situation. Colette has been doing a series on the blog called wardrobe architect. Where itContinue reading “Wardrobe Inspiration: Skirts & Tops”

Instax Mini 8 Review

Ever since Polaroid stopped making 600 film, I’ve been sad. I mean yes, I’m aware the impossible project is a thing. Really though, 600 film was almost price prohibitive when it only cost a dollar a picture, no way can I justify two or three for regular use. But the fuji instax mini saves theContinue reading “Instax Mini 8 Review”

Daily Life : The First Few Weeks Of March

First can we talk about how horrible this winter has been in Ohio? Like terrible, snowy, -20 cold. I’m over it. Yesterday was 70 degrees out, and this evening there’s a snow storm. This weather has been keeping me a bit down in the dumps, but I’ve been making small efforts to keep it positive. Continue reading “Daily Life : The First Few Weeks Of March”

Sewing Dry-spell Over! Or Simplicity 1810

So I’ve actually found a bit of time to sew, with my first wedding of the season all wrapped up (I’m a photographer FYI). I chose something simple, because I have a few daunting projects coming up, mainly a evening gown for my brothers wedding. So I choose simplicity 1810, which was really simple.  I’llContinue reading “Sewing Dry-spell Over! Or Simplicity 1810”