Project Life Week Three

I need to set up a studio box to get decent pictures of the full layouts for project life. I didn’t bother this week, since they’re were a few photos I’d rather keep off the internet included in this layout. Nothing scandalous! Sometimes it’s nice to reel back your over share every once in awhile.Continue reading “Project Life Week Three”

Printable Journal Cards

I’ve been getting really into the whole Scrap Booking thing, and managed to make two sets of printable journal cards!   They’re available on Etsy (Click here to visit the shop), Pastel Glitch is 4$, and fuzzy feeling is 2.50$. But I decided to give my blog readers a bit of a coupon! Enter readerperksjuly13 atContinue reading “Printable Journal Cards”

WIP: Poppy Field Hawthorn

I’m finally making progress on my Hawthorn! I think it has a lot to do with the fact that it’s been 100 degrees this week, and the mere thought of stepping outside induces boob and knee sweat. Here’s where I’m at currently.   The bodice is together, the skirt is pinned to my dress form.Continue reading “WIP: Poppy Field Hawthorn”

You really need to paint the porch.

When I bought my house I was so excited to do all the things I couldn’t do in an apartment. Paint my walls, rips out floors, switch my sinks, and everything else that seems super fun and important when you don’t actually HAVE to do it.  One thing that seemed neither fun nor important wasContinue reading “You really need to paint the porch.”

A Too Short Gentleman’s Necktie

Pre-father’s day Colette released a free tie pattern. I downloaded it right away and thought it would be a good way to use up some scraps! Little did I know it’s not really the most fabric frugal pattern. It’s lined, underlined, and cut on the bias. So it’s actually kind of a fabric hog. ButContinue reading “A Too Short Gentleman’s Necktie”

New Vintage Patterns & Some Organization

I picked up two new 1950’s dress patterns recently! (My hoarding is now cable tv worthy)  To the left we have Simplicity 3944 from 1952.  It’s got an interesting yoke, and an option for saddle stitched pockets! I really love this dress, even if the buttons are much more intimidating since I failed so miserablyContinue reading “New Vintage Patterns & Some Organization”