The Bathroom Plan

We have one weird wonky bathroom in our little house. While I’m in no way against a 1 bathroom home, I have a personal vendetta against ours. The previous owner, as my Realtor would say,” bon von jovi’d ” it. It’s was redone in the 1980’s, and redone poorly at that. It’s got this horrible honey colored laminate. When they installed the toilet they put it on a painted marble slab. The sink is huge and wide, and you have to shimmy to get around it. There are weird bars and shelves everywhere. The tub stops short of the wall, so they built a pony wall, THAT CUTS OF THE WINDOW. Hadn’t they ever heard of a curved shower curtain? I’m sure before it had a beautiful claw foot tub, which makes this a million times worse. Oh yeah, and they never even finished the walls out behind the pony wall. I just… I can’t. Also, one of the last rooms that still rocks a shade of flesh tone paint, ew. 

So Let’s get our plan together shall we? 

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For those of you wondering about my time frame, like anything to do with my house, this is going to forever I’m sure. It’s not easy when you have only a little expendable income at at time. Plus the idea of putting in a new sink seems so over my head. Maybe I can get my dad to help me when he comes up from Florida this fall? I can at very least paint though! I’m cheating a bit when it comes to the paint selection, it’s a can I already own. Seeing as the Boyfriend has the entire weekend off, we might actually get something done!

In the meantime I will have sweet dreams on sledgehammering that pony wall.

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