Project Life : Holtmans

This post contains affiliate links – Disclosure here. So I’m trying something new with how I present my project life layouts. I’m scanning each piece and arranging them again digitally. It saves me fighting with the glare of photographing a page protector, and I think is a more accurate representation of the layout. Which doContinue reading “Project Life : Holtmans”

Danish Oil on Brasilla

So I know I’ve been a bad blogger, but for good reasons! I’ve been pinching pennies for a trip to europe this year! In fact I’ve even been selling some stuff that doesn’t fit very well in my house anymore. The brasilla commodes are one of those things. They were one of my first purchasesContinue reading “Danish Oil on Brasilla”

Project Life Week Four

I’m officially a month into this little weekly scrapbook project and I’m finally finding my groove and my style. I present week four!   I played a bit with acrylic paint this week, often painting directly on the photos. Not having scrapbooked in the age of digital photos until recently can i just say howContinue reading “Project Life Week Four”

Less of a deathtrap.

So I’ve been spending more time in the loft, where my craft room is. I’m also have some people over to craft in it tonight, and figured I should do something about the deathtrap that is the upstairs railing. Take a look.   Yes, that is only one rail on the right side, and yes,Continue reading “Less of a deathtrap.”

Project Life Week Three

I need to set up a studio box to get decent pictures of the full layouts for project life. I didn’t bother this week, since they’re were a few photos I’d rather keep off the internet included in this layout. Nothing scandalous! Sometimes it’s nice to reel back your over share every once in awhile.Continue reading “Project Life Week Three”

Printable Journal Cards

I’ve been getting really into the whole Scrap Booking thing, and managed to make two sets of printable journal cards!   They’re available on Etsy (Click here to visit the shop), Pastel Glitch is 4$, and fuzzy feeling is 2.50$. But I decided to give my blog readers a bit of a coupon! Enter readerperksjuly13 atContinue reading “Printable Journal Cards”

How I Store My Vintage Patterns

I know I’ve mentioned my sewing pattern hoard collection before. I own a lot. Probably too many. I’d say my collection is about half vintage, and half modern. I just had them stuffed in a box haphazardly for a long time, which made it hard to find anything. Also it wasn’t doing any favors forContinue reading “How I Store My Vintage Patterns”